Other Causes

In this page, we would like to further causes that we care about that have nothing to do with teaching Astronomy.

Primarily, this page will focus on the topics of Land Value Taxation (or LVT for short), the science of Political Economy and the ideas that found expression through the French Physiocrats in the 18th century, Henry George in the 19th, Alfred Marshal and a few others in the 20th .

If you are interested in the fundamentals of Economics, you may read along and access articles written under the alias Nikodemos, prepared by scholar that has written extensively on the subject. My contribution is merely the translation in English (with permission from the author).

Political Economy 1: Taxation

Political Economy 2: Basic Principles

Political Economy 3: Society and Labour

Political Economy 4: Land

Political Economy 5: Justice

Political Economy 6: Land Value

Political Economy 7: Distribution of Wealth

Political Economy 8: Primary Distribution

Political Economy 9: Distribution where Land is freely available

Political Economy 10: Land Enclosures

Political Economy 11: Property

Political Economy 12: Capital – Part I

Political Economy 13: Capital – Part II – Distortion

Political Economy 14: The Rich and the Poor

And the following inserts:

Capitalism and Rent-Seeking, Part I

Capitalism and Rent-Seeking, Part II

Tax Reform – Part I

Tax Reform – Part II

Tax Reform – Part III


If you find these articles interesting and wish to read more about Political Economy, Georgian Economics and Land Value Taxation, then the following books come highly recommended:

Henry George (1879), Progress and Poverty.
Alfred Marshall (1920), Principles of Economics.
R. Noyes (ed), (1991) Now the Synthesis, Shepheard-Walwyn, London.
M. Gaffney (1994), The Corruption of Economics, Shepheard-Walwyn, London.
P.E. Dove (1850), The Theory of Human Progression 

Finally, an excellent collection of resources on Economics with Justice can be found on the following website: Coalition for Economic Justice.